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Plays Well With Others & Future Sounds present: Lissie!!!!

Hi Everyone!

We are so very excited to share with you our most recent finished video from our SXSW extravaganza. While in Austin we participated in a great party with American Songwriter Magazine, XO Publicity & Future Sounds… the result was a beautiful experience with some of the most incredible artists that played the festival.

Lissie was by far one of our favorite performers we saw that week, there is a strikingly honest passion that exudes from her presence and its no doubt you will see exactly what we are talking about when you watch the videos below. She was an absolute joy to interview, being one of the most warm, kind, and open artists we’ve met in a long time.

Please enjoy what you see and hear and please spread the word!

Lissie Performs Live at Stompin’ Grounds @ SXSW 2010

Interview w/Lissie @ SXSW 2010


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Plays Well With Others, Future Sounds & Swinghouse Studios Present The Antlers Session Pt. 2

As promised we have a great interview to show you guys today. We are so thankful that The Antlers we able to give us some of their time after their performance at Swinghouse and share with us some insight on how they view art and its relation to others beyond themselves. Getting to have these inspiring and encouraging conversations with artists is why Plays Well exists and its why we do what we do. We want everyone to know that there is purpose beyond self service and that meaning and positivity can be drawn out of nearly every experience in your life.

Check out the interview below, please let us know what you think!

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Plays Well With Others, Future Sounds & Swinghouse Studios Bring You The Antlers Live Session

Hi Everyone…

We know its been quite a while since any of us on the Plays Well team has blogged and we do apologize for the lapse in content…. things got a little crazy at SXSW and left us all pretty wiped out. Be expecting though, you’ll see things pick back up here starting now 🙂

Below is a live session that we were fortunate enough to be a part of a little while back with our new friends The Antlers. Today we’ll be sharing a video of their heartbreakingly beautiful song “Bear”, which happens to be one of our favorite tracks off their most recent record Hospice. Check back here tomorrow as we share with you an intimate interview with the band!

Please support the band by picking up their record here.

Plays Well With Others + Future Sounds & Swinghouse Studios Present: The Antlers performing Bear Live:

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Ebony Bones Interview – Presented by Plays Well & Future Sounds

About a month or so ago, we had the incredible privilege to sit down with the lovely Miss Ebony Bones and have a heart to heart. If you haven’t heard of her yet, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open because this UK sensation is sure to be making quite an impact in the US very soon. Also, this interview features a debut appearance from Kelsea & Bridgets bunny,  Dumbledore 🙂

You can check out her music here:

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You Should Know: Samuel Stewart – Performs Tonight @ Silverlake Lounge + LIVE PWWO VIDEO FROM OUR ROOFTOP SUNSET SERIES!

Hi Friends,

Plays Well With Others would like to introduce to you one of our favorite up and coming LA artists, Samuel Stewart. Sam is playing tonight at the Silverlake Lounge for only 8 bucks! Whatever other plans you had for tonight, cancel them because this is sure to be the better choice. He recently joined us for our second Rooftop Sunset Series in downtown and put on an incredible set. When Sam steps on stage he effortlessly commands the attention of everyone in the room with his enchanting sound and captivating presence. We are certain that he is going to be a name you start hearing much more in the very near future!

Check out the flyer below with all the necessary info on his gig tonight and below that be sure to watch his song “Dear John” that he performed at our rooftop show…

Samuel Stewart Tonight @ Silverlake Lounge

Samuel Stewart Tonight @ Silverlake Lounge

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The Rooftop Sunset Series 2!


“Remember a few weeks ago when Plays Well With Others had that rooftop event and it was the best day of our lives?” – anonymous

Yes, that quote is from an accredited source and not from our best friend at alllllll. 

So, be prepared to have the BEST.DAY.EVER in 4 days. Bold statement, we know, but it’s oh so true.

Beautiful view, beautiful people, beautiful hearts, amazing music, and boys with beards.  We can’t think of a more perfect situation!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS, AUGUST 8TH, AND COME JOIN US!! It’ll be magical. Almost as magical as unicorns!(But we all know nothing competes with unicorns)


When: August 8th, 2009 at 5pm

Where: Rooftop of National City Tower Lofts – 810 South Spring Street

What: Acoustic show, Plays Well With Others Benefit, Finding out about different non-profits such as Falling Whistles, Global Fast, and Generosity Water, Your perfect Saturday. 

Why: We feel like you should be sold by this point. We did mention it would be magical (:

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