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Joe Purdy Plays Well With Others… Brought to you by Future Sounds, American Songwriter Magazine & PWWO

Okay yes, so we really suck over here at PWWO for bringing you consistent … well, anything really! We’ve all been on a bit of a hiatus as a ton of things have been changing for all of us involved with the organization. But I can promise you, we have a few really fantastic things in the works and you can expect to see a lot more movement from us real soon.

Anyhoot – we have a few GREAT videos that we are so excited to finally get to share with you guys! While in Austin in the Spring we got to spend some time with the magnificent Joe Purdy. It was my first time ever seeing this man play live, and I stood there kicking myself for allowing it take so long for me to see him perform. Purdy has made quite the name for himself in music and if you haven’t heard of him yet, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon – you won’t be disappointed with the ride.

Oh! and the other great thing that makes Joe Purdy even more phenomenal is that he works with this really great non-profit called The Voice Project, a organization that raises money for Northern Uganda through a unique “cover chain,” in which artists cover their favorite songs in video episodes, and create a chain connecting each artist. You can learn more about what they’re doing by checking out Purdy’s interview below.

Also, I can’t tell express how beautiful Purdy’s new record, 4th of July, is … you have to head over to his site and check it out yourself. Its the perfect summer album!

Enjoy the videos… we love you all!

PWTV Interview:

PWTV Live Session:

These sessions brought to you by Future Sounds & American Songwriter Magazine


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Plays Well With Others & Future Sounds present: Lissie!!!!

Hi Everyone!

We are so very excited to share with you our most recent finished video from our SXSW extravaganza. While in Austin we participated in a great party with American Songwriter Magazine, XO Publicity & Future Sounds… the result was a beautiful experience with some of the most incredible artists that played the festival.

Lissie was by far one of our favorite performers we saw that week, there is a strikingly honest passion that exudes from her presence and its no doubt you will see exactly what we are talking about when you watch the videos below. She was an absolute joy to interview, being one of the most warm, kind, and open artists we’ve met in a long time.

Please enjoy what you see and hear and please spread the word!

Lissie Performs Live at Stompin’ Grounds @ SXSW 2010

Interview w/Lissie @ SXSW 2010

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Plays Well had the opportunity to attend SXSW 2010 with Future Sounds! We saw and filmed some amazing bands while were there and have put together a short teaser of all the performance videos and interviews to come! enjoy.

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