LiNK is an amazing organization that we here at Plays Well support wholeheartedly. This non-profit humanitarian organization seeks to raise awareness about the North Korean crisis, specifically the NK Refugee crisis in China. Started in 2004, LiNK’s mission is to educate, protect, and assist. The organization works with governments, NGOs and institutions to advocate for the North Korean people, while working directly with refugees.

Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans continue to be enslaved in prison camps today. The people seek food, medicine, work, freedom…things that we so often take for granted. LiNK has several underground shelters located in China and Southeast Asia, existing to protect, educate and feed refugees. Additionally, LiNK seeks to assist them with scholarships, mentorships, and help finding jobs.

LiNK Educates, Protects, Advocates, Provides and Empowers the North Korean people so that one day they will have the same opportunity to live freely.

EDUCATE: “We share relevant stories of North Korean citizens and refugees through creative media, and we promote the truth about the humanitarian crisis inside and around North Korea to the world.”

PROTECT: “We protect North Koreans in pursuit of freedom, seeking asylum, and in need of assistance- wherever they can be reached.”

ADVOCATE: “We advocate on behalf of the North Korean people for human rights and fundamental freedoms. We call upon our leaders to do more because we know they can.”

PROVIDE: “Within the capacity of our resources and mandate, we offer assistance to North Koreans, NGO’s, governments, and other partners working toward the same mission.”

EMPOWER: “We empower refugees with resources, assistance and guidance to reach freedom and to build new lives. We also empower citizens of the world to “take action” and make a difference in their individual lives.”

“LiNK exists so that one day the crisis in North Korea will not.”


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    I heart you all. 🙂 Work it ouuuuttt, PWWO!

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