ACT! – Wikichoice


WikiChoice will be the most powerful platform in the world for consumers to align their purchases with their deepest values. Have you ever stood before a shelf of products at your local big box store and wondered where they all came from? In what distant countries they were assembled? Whose hands have touched them before yours?

WikiChoice is the answer. It will put transparent information into the hands of every consumer, and provide consumers with the most positive choices, so that their purchases move companies away from destructive practices and towards fairness, justice, sustainability.

WikiChoice is built on the Wikipedia software platform, called MediaWiki, which will allow the whole world to collaborate and teach each other about the best products and companies. At WikiChoice we believe that one person making better choices makes a difference, that thousands make a movement, and that everyone can change everything. We invite you to join us in choosing our world. 

Go to to help by donating either your money or your time. I hope you choose to be part of starting this incredible resource!


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