Besides melting hearts with his voice like butter, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Ernie Halter has been involved with the Mocha Club for the last few years. He is currently doing a residency at The Hotel Cafe here in Hollywood with all the door proceeds going to his upcoming trip to Africa. We got the chance to sit down with him to talk about his involvement in the Mocha Club and his upcoming trip. Check it out!

CLICK HERE to donate to Ernie’s trip and check back with us to see Ernie’s update of what happened in Africa and the lives he was able to touch. And now…enjoy his new song “Angel”……..

If you’re in the area don’t forget to check him out tomorrow night at The Hotel Cafe or you can catch him at one of his upcoming shows….

May 14 2009-8:30P Hotel Cafe w/ Jim Hanft-Los Angeles, California
May 16 2009-6:00P Monterey Live w/ Erika Soto & Passion-Monterey, California
May 17 2009-6:00P CrossRoads Christian Church-“Conference for Hope”-Salinas
Jul 16 2009-5:00P Orange County Super Fair-Costa Mesa, California
Jul 26 2009-6:00P Orange County Super Fair Costa Mesa, California
Jul 30 2009-8:00P The Lodge w/ Gareth Asher & MIGGS-Orlando, Florida
Aug 4 2009-7:30P 3rd & Lindsley w/ Gareth Asher & MIGGS-Nashville, Tennessee
Aug 6 2009-7:00P Blue Door w/ Gareth Asher and MIGGS-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Aug 10 2009-8:00P Birdy’s w/ Gareth Asher & MIGGS-Indianapolis, Indiana
Aug 13 2009-7:30P Wilbert’s w/ Gareth Asher and MIGGS-Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 15 2009-8:00P Night Cat w/ Gareth Asher & MIGGS-Easton, Maryland
Aug 16 2009-7:00P Tin Angel w/ Gareth Asher and MIGGS-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 17 2009-9:00P Bitter End w/ Gareth Asher & MIGGS-New York, New York


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