Invisible Children’s THE RESCUE has been gaining media attention all over the world!! This whole thing started with 100 cities abducting themselves… and now its down to one city – Chicago. Chicago has been moving all around the city marching, spreading word about the issue and sleeping on the streets for 5 and a half days now! Some pretty reputable people have shown up to support, but Chicago is waiting for the biggest mogul they can get. Holding out for Chicago is really about making the most out of their presence there. This persistence really shows how important this issue is to everyone supporting the cause. Check out the article below taken from the Invisible Children RESCUE site on how you can help reach out to the final mogul list.

April 30th, 2009
Author: chris
With just Chicago left, the stakes have been raised. This event is attracting an incredible amount of publicity for the plight of these child soldiers. The crescendo in this final city will be loudest by attracting the attention of one of the most powerful media or mogul figures below, and we are confident that this story can and will reach their ears.
What can you do? Tweet these individuals. Create YouTube videos asking them to become a part of the end of this campaign and this war. We need our collective voice to be the loudest its been.
What you shouldn’t do — Phone calls and emails to these people as well as to media outlets in Chicago are not effective at this point. Also, be encouraging in our communication to these people — inspire them to become involved by telling your story and why you’re involved, don’t try to guilt them into showing up.
With that, here’s our final mogul list. These are individuals who can truly affect foreign policy:
1. President Obama
2. Oprah
3. Michelle Obama
4. Senator Durbin (IL)
5. Bono
6. Don Cheadle
7. Vice-President Joe Biden


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