The Diamond Light & The Submarines are equally amazing live!

Here is a brief recap of two wonderful shows I (Colin) had the pleasure of attending last week!

On Wednesday (12/3) I went to my first LA dive bar (that does shows) in Hollywood – a beat up old house with a big back patio outside – called Crane’s Tavern. A pretty small little room with the band playing at one end, with quite bad sound. It would be my first time finally seeing The Diamond Light (formerly Rozaline), after much hype (and a few unluckily missed shows) by a few of my friends. So, I had BIG expectations. And…wowness, they exceeded every last wish! They play a folky-bluesy rock that billows with emotion and, at times, marvelous grungyness. Tidbits of bouncy baselines, alt-rock, and mellower singer-songwriter-ish interludes are interspersed, along with some catchy-as-hell breakdowns. Plus, they totally rock live, with a much harder sound that I expected from my myspace listens. Certain elements of their sound definitely remind me of one my fav. bands, The Colour Revolt, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn afterwards that they are big fans. I also do quite agree with them being compared to the Cold War Kids, which people tend to do. Even with the sketchy Crane’s sound, they really conquered the place and uber impressed me. The Diamond Light might just be one of LA’s next big bands, so GO SEE / LISTEN TO THEM NOW! Yes yes yes.
On Friday (12/5) I went to see The Submarines at the Echoplex and they were just splendid. It’s always fun to see a local-ish band that is just blowing up and the band is just realizing it: this was that show! Early on in the show, Blake (the girl singer), made light of this situation with her cheeky comment, “We usually play upstairs [at the Echo], so being down here is awesome” (paraphrased). Their buzz has been accumulating the last six months, and once that iPhone ad featuring “You Me and Bourgeoisie” hit national television about a month ago, they are officially being propelled into bigness! This probably was one of their largest, if not their largest, headlining show ever and the place was quite packed: probably at least 600+ people. Blake and John (along with their drummer) rifled through most of their delightful indie-pop songs from “Honeysuckle Weeks” and had a ton of fun while doing it! They sounded great, meshed super well, and really looked to be enjoying themselves. Blake’s funny, excitable, and goofy comments throughout their set really kept the show in an elevated state of joy. It’s assured that all attendees had a blissful time!


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