Now You Can Own Up To Listening To Phil Collins

Keeping that MCR cd in a Babyshambles case? Rolling the windows up whenever you sing along to Billy Joel? Those days are long gone with the sequel to Guilty By Association, due out in cd form 2/17 or available for download now by clicking the itunes button. iTunes 

Journey and Oasis covers have given way to Justin Timberlake and Ace of Base, and the whole album is much more focused around pop covers this time around. As Timberlake sang, what goes around comes around. Check out the tracklisting and stream the entire album below…

01 My Brightest Diamond: “Tainted Love” [Gloria Jones/Soft Cell]
02 The Bloodsugars: “Self-Control” [Laura Branigan]
03 Robbers on High Street: “Cool It Now” [New Edition]
04 Frightened Rabbit: “Set You Free” [N-Trance]
05 Matt Pond PA: “I’m Not Okay” [My Chemical Romance]
06 Takka Takka: “In the Air Tonight” [Phil Collins]
07 Kaki King: “I Think She Knows” [Justin Timberlake]
08 Francis and the Lights: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” [Kanye West]
09 Lowry: “Africa” [Toto]
10 The Forms: “We Didn’t Start the Fire” [Billy Joel]
11 Rafter: “If You Leave” [OMD]
12 Cassettes Won’t Listen: “Need You Tonight” [INXS]
13 Jukebox the Ghost: “It’s a Beautiful Life” [Ace of Base]
14 Max Vernon: “I Kissed a Girl” [Katy Perry]
15 The Bloodsugars: “Lady in Red” [Chris de Burgh]


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