Gobble Gobble Give

If you’re in the LA area and have no plans to watch the parade crowd get pummeled by giant balloons this Thanksgiving, then check out Gobble Gobble Give

Gobble Gobble Give, now in it’s tenth year, prepares meals for the homeless at the Echo in Echo Park from 10am to 1pm and sends teams around town finding homeless people to share with. 

They are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Runners: people available for errands Pre-Thanksgiving: picking up turkeys, dropping turkeys to warmers and picking up supplies
Cookers and Warmers: people available to cook and warm turkeys the day before Thanksgiving
Supplies: coordinating tables, to-go boxes, service ware and plastic ware
Thanksgiving Day Volunteers:  prepares and packages food and drivers to drop off meals to the homeless
Corporate donations: donations of food, clothing or toiletries.
PR: outreach and publicity on Gobble Gobble Give
Cleaning Crew: cleaning crew at 1pm on Thanksgiving day

If you are able to help either day please go to the Volunteer section on their website and sign up, help make it a great holiday for everyone.

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