FREE RESIDENCY SHOWS – marching band & western states motel @ Spaceland on Mondays this month

I (Colin) love the free Monday residency shows in LA, but this takes it to a whole new level – it’s a double-residency of absolute INDIE-POP ANNIHILATION! I went this past Monday and saw the amazing combo of Western States Motel and Marching Band. Marching Band especially just blew me away; they are from Sweden and their debut album just came out in the last few months. They are the epitomy of amazingly-tight-indie-pop with superb harmonizing, and they sound oh-so-oh good live! Sweden is not that close by, so don’t miss your chance to see them while they chill out in LA all month. Their album is also blissful. But, be warned – they don’t march – they just make great sounds. Western States Motel is also a great LA pop-rock band that will show you an excellent time. Give these bands a listen at the links below. They are playing FREE two more times this month and I may just go back every Monday, so if you live in the LA area – please join me for one of the shows – both bands are very worth it!

FREE SHOW (Residency) @ Spaceland – 9 PM
Western States Motel
Marching Band

w/ B.R.A.M.
and/or MONDAY NOV. 24TH
FREE SHOW (Residency) @ Spaceland – 9 PM
Western States Motel
Marching Band

w/ The Voyeurs & Tigers Can Bite You

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