Two fabulous woman singers for you to enjoy!

Boston pop-rock-punk band Barnicle just released their debut full length album “Friend of B” on Oct. 28th through Sidehatch Entertainment. Barnicle and Sidehatch are big supporters and proponents of the Grease not Gas movement, which helps bands and companies switch their vehicles to run on vegetable oil waste, in turn helping the environment. Sidehatch also has a community service component that runs music programs and gives out scholarships in schools in New England.

Although Barnicle is a Boston staple, they are just beginning to make their mark on the nation with their chick-fronted 90s style throwback charm. Barnicle is possibly best known for featuring Lucian Garro (of the long-time Boston cult favorite rock band Piebald) on drums and they recently added Lindsey Starr (formerly in Retrosleeper). The singer, Karen Barnicle, from which the band derives its name, has a dark, acoustic confessional version of the pop song “‘I Kissed a Girl”’, which reached the #20 spot on the iTunes UK pop chart; impressive for an independent artist. The band has just released their first music video for the song “Texas Mike” (named after/about a Boston-based DJ/promoter), which is posted below for your enjoyment! Visit Barnicle’s myspace to hear more!

Secondly, a suggestion from a friend tipped us off to SoKo, a cheeky acoustic folk-pop singer-songwriter from Paris. She is a French actress, who has only acted in french speaking movies, but all of her music is in English; lucky for us! Her lyrics are brutally honest and poignant and can be funny, inspiring, and/or depressing depending on the particular line of the song. She just played her first USA show last about two weeks ago in LA and she is poised for uber success. Give her a listen at her myspace page.

“Texas Mike” by Barnicle

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