Asthmatic Kitty Puts Out Habitat CD

Asthmatic Kitty just put together a double disc compilation cd that benefits Habitat for Humanity, titled “Habitat” for those of us that become easily confused. There are almost 30 tracks over the two discs, featuring contributions from artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Richard Swift, Aspects of Physics, and i am robot and proud.

You can pick up the cds exclusively at the AK website here, and get your 1’s and 0’s on the digital copy November 18th. It’s just ten bucks, or $.34 a song if you’re doing the math.

Check out the tracklisting below…

1. Tidal River – A Cross Section of Clown Mountain
2. Aspects of Physics – Utiliterranean
3. Jim Guthrie – Little Furnace
4. Kristin Miltner – The Barns Flock
5. Instruments of Science & Technology – INST.stem.INST
6. Nick Hennies – The Living Piano
7. Ero Gray – Staircase and Water Pipes, 42 Broadway
8. Cepia – Algiers
9. Ben Owen – 5 for 14
10. Alias – In Hope of Witchless Attics
11. Alfred Brown – SphericalType GasHolder
12. Cheryl E. Leonard – Uncle Iroh’s Teahouse
13. Blevin Blectum – Vast Angles
14. Son Lux – Speak

1. Actuel – QRS/TUV
2. Sole w/ William Ryan Fritch – all tomorrow’s sewers
3. i am robot and proud – Jeanne Mance
4. 900X – BGM
5. Yuko Nexus6 – wsagg-chorus for spaces
6. KILN – marigold bunker
7. therefore – piznanano
8. Six-Fing Thing – Sandpiper on the Warehouse Floor
9. Stars Like Fleas – Call Me Trimtab
10. ting ting jahe – d3p574
11. Moth!Fight! – A Long Way from Home
12. Jon Galaxy – Shelter?
13. Kadet – Horizon
14. Wayne Feldman – Calling On You
15. DM Stith – Your god is a Lion recently fed, drowsy


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