Cardinology Review – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals New Materpiece

OH MY WORD, RYAN ADAMS! You made an amazing record. I’m not a music critic by trade so I’m not always sure of the “right way” to write a record review. All I know is that this record is phenomenal. My first reaction to hearing this album was disbelief. This isn’t the alt-country, crooning Ryan Adams I’m used to hearing. This is….well this is rock n roll. This is electric guitars, and strong beats combined with outstanding vocals and resonating lyrics. Lots of people are comparing Adams on Cardinology to U2 and The Eagles. I’m thinking more like Springsteen, folks.

Cardinology is a journey. It’s so rare these days to find an album that I want to listen to all the way through. Cardinology makes the cut. Standout tracks are the floor-stomping, hip-shaking “Magick”. I actually danced in my car when I heard it first time. “Go Easy” is the forlorn love song that every singer/songwriter out there is going to wish he wrote. The record closes with “Stop” is Ryan Adams in all his miserable, lonely glory.

This record is going to make top 10 lists across the board. And oh yeah, it’s going to change your life, too.

Review of Cardinology by Megan Costello

Be sure to support this artist by picking up the record which is in stores and online everywhere starting today. Also be sure to check out Ryan Adams & The Cardinals on tour with Oasis!

For your listening pleasure:



and if you are ever bored – Ryan Adams offers us countless hours of entertainment on the interweb


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