Anathallo’s NEW "Canopy Glow" Preorder and TWO NEW songs online! Album comes out Nov. 18th on Anticon.

Anathallo, the amazing indie-folk-baroque-pop (they really get described in a ton of different ways) band from Chicago, by the way of Michigan, releases their second full length album on Nov. 18th. The album will be coming out on their brand new label of residence, Anticon Records (Why?, Dosh), which should be a wonderful fit! Anathallo has two new intriguing songs from the album posted online, one on their myspace (“Noni’s Field”) and one on the Anticon website (“The River”).

Anticon, which recently relocated to Los Angeles, is a truly eclectic indie label with a diverse mix of unique and talented bands, with roots in indie hip-hop, experimental / electronica, indie-rock, and more. The [Los Angeles] LA Weekly did a great article about Anticon in it’s Oct. 9th issue – give that a read here. Anathallo has put out a handful of different indie releases themselves, their most recent – the exquisite “Floating World” LP in 2006 – on their own Artist Friendship imprint, with Nettwork distro/management. They have attracted a great deal of national attention the last few years, sold a lot of albums, and made a fan of Sufjan Stevens, so they undoubtably had many label options. But according to a rumor posted on their myspace, Anticon was the only label that everybody could agree on. Great choice!
The Anathallo & Dosh tour this past Spring was an amazing lineup and a phenomenal show, and now that they are labelmates, hopefully we will see them embark around the country together again sometime soon! Anathallo enacts a spellbounding live show, which is sonically beautiful, uber fun, and can often include theatric surprises and strange-soundmaking additions. If you haven’t seen them kill it live yet, you need to make that a top priority ASAP! If you are a big fan, you can preorder “Canopy Glow” through the Anathallo website and it will ship on Nov. 10th, meaning you’ll get it a few days early!
Last note: If you are a big Anathallo fan or are just becoming one, go on their website and order the perfectly titled “Anathallogy” that has all the songs from their first three EPs on it (if you don’t already have it). The songs show a fabulous and interesting progression over the years and include the three remarkable tracks from the “Holiday at the Sea” EP – their most spastic, orchestral, and lengthy music to date.


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