Give Listen Help Album Out

You can now pick up the benefit album Give. Listen. Help. Vol 5 in Urban Outfitters locations around the country and get over 25 tracks by artists such as Oasis, Silversun Pickups, Bloc Party, and Rilo Kiley, most of which are rare or unreleased tracks. The record supports the Pablove Foundation, which was formed in honor of Pablo Castelaz, the 5-year old son of Dangerbird Records co-founder Jeff Castelaz that was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. 

All of the proceeds from the record are going to the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, directed towards childrens play rooms, cancer research, and a new hospital being opened next year. All of the artists on the record are donating their royalty fees from the songs used to the CHLA as well.

You can find out more about Pablo’s treatment and the Pablove Foundation at Pablog, and check out the tracklisting for the double cd below…

Give. Listen. Help. Volume 5
1. Garbage – “Witness to Your Love” (previously unreleased)
2. Radiohead – “House of Cards”
3. Of Montreal – “Jimmy” (M.I.A. cover)
4. Bat for Lashes – “What’s a Girl” (Plaid remix)
5. Oasis – “Falling Down” (Chemical Brothers remix)
6. Rilo Kiley – “Draggin’ Around” (previously unreleased)
7. Bloc Party – “Flux” (JKL remix)
8. The Faint – “The Geeks Were Right” (DIOYY remix)
9. CSS – “Rat Is Dead” (Rage)”
10. Decemberists “Billy Liar” (live) 
11. Ra Ra Riot – “Can You Tell” (Little Ones remix)
12. Ladytron – “Ghosts” (Modwheelmood mix)
13. The Little Ones “I Don’t Want to Dance” (previously unreleased) 
14. Other Lives – “Paper Cities” (previously unreleased)
15. Two Sheds – “You” 
16. Jack Johnson “All At Once” (live at Bumbershoot 2008)


1. Silversun Pickups – “Table Scraps”
2. Eulogies – “Is There Anyone Here?”
3. Darker My Love – “Blue Day”
4. The Dears – “Crisis 1 & 2”
5. Sea Wolf – “The Promise”
6. The Curse of Company – “All the Mines”
7. One a.m. radio – “Old Men”
8. Ed Laurie – “Albert”
9. Eric Avery – “All Remote and No Control”
10. Dappled Cities – “Vision Bell”
11. La Rocca – “Cross the River”


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