Little Teeth

Out of the freak folk scene of San Fransisco come trio Little Teeth, who join the ranks of other artists that bend genres such as Joanna Newsom and the Dresden Dolls. Multi-instrumentalists Dannie Murrie, Ammo Eisu, and Andy Tisdall join together to create a sound that is both chaotic and textured in their songs, as evidenced in their first single “Japanese Candy” from the new album “Child Bearing Man“. The album has a gypsy-punk asthetic to it, creaking along a circus-tinged path that grabs as many instruments as possible along the way.

Singer Dannie Murrie’s voice evokes an early Karen O or Kathleen Hannah, both quiet and loud, wild and controlled, but always interesting. She has a unique vulnerability to her voice that underscores the emotions of the lyrics, utilizing its creaks and growls to bring out depth to the melody. Murrie’s lyrics paint many pictures throughout the album, using metaphors as sharp and shifting as her vocal ability.

The band is about to cross the country for the next two months on tour in support of the new record, which is out September 9th through Absolutely Kosher records.

Oct 4 2008 Mississippi Pizza w/ Magic Johnson & Hornet Leg [K records]
Portland, Oregon

Oct 5 2008 8:00P TBA w/ Polka Dot Dot Dot & rides on the back of falcor the luck dragon!!!
Olympia, Washington

Oct 6 2008 8:00P Fun House
Seattle, Washington

Oct 8 2008 8:00P Flying M Garage w/Hillfolk Noir
Boise, Idaho

Oct 9 2008 8:00P TBA w/ Mushman and Chaz Prymek!
Salt Lake City, Utah

Oct 11 2008 8:00P TBA w/Darren Keen [of The Show is The Rainbow]
Omaha, Nebraska

Oct 13 2008 8:00P TBA w/Screamin Cyn Cyn and the Pons!!
Madison, Wisconsin

Oct 15 2008 9:00P Ronny’s
Chicago, Illinois

Oct 16 2008 8:00P Carabar
Columbus, Ohio

Oct 17 2008 8:00P The Matinee
Cleveland, Ohio

Oct 18 2008 7:00P Garfield Artworks 7pm w/TBA
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Oct 26 2008 8:00P PA Lounge w/ Whistle Jacket
Boston, Massachusetts

Oct 30 2008 8:00P Velvet Lounge w/ Sleeping in the Aviary!
DC, Washington DC

Nov 1 2008 8:00P Dust Warehouse
Charlottesville, Virginia

Nov 5 2008 8:00P Drunken Unicorn
Atlanta, Georgia

Nov 7 2008 8:00P The Blind Mule
Mobile, Alabama

Nov 8 2008 8:00P Dragon’s Den
New Orleans, Louisiana

Nov 11 2008 8:00P Miss E’s backyard! w/ TBA
Austin, Texas

Nov 12 2008 8:00P OKC Infoshop!
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Nov 13 2008 8:00P Bash Riprocks [show presented by 88.1 KTXT – FM Radio]
Lubbock, Texas

Nov 14 2008 8:00P Burts Tiki Lounge w/ Yoda’s House, The Gracchi, and Mei Long
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Nov 18 2008 8:00P UC Irvine KUCI 88.9 FM!
Riverside/Irvine, California

Nov 19 2008 8:00PEcho Curio w/ Theatre Fire, PALMS, Grizzly Owls
Echo Park, California

Nov 22 2008 8:00P Sandrini’s w/Backup Johnny
Bakersfield, California

Japanese Candy


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